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In Kerala, wedding entertainment has become increasingly important in recent times. Couples are eager to add various forms of entertainment to their special day, and wedding dances are among the most exciting elements. There is a wide range of wedding dance styles available in Kerala, with many couples incorporating these dances into their celebrations. Some of the popular wedding dance varieties include Flamenco, Mexican, Sufi, Tanora, modern couple dances, North Indian dances like Dandiya and Punjabi dances, as well as traditional Kerala dances like Mohiniyattam, Margam Kali, Oppana, and even Kathakali.

One of the standout moments in Kerala weddings is the “Welcome Dance” or the entry dance for the bride and groom. This dance holds significant importance, as it marks the arrival of the couple amidst their guests and their grand entrance onto the wedding stage for formal ceremonies. In today’s digital age, many couples eagerly share this royal entry on social media platforms, making it an integral part of their wedding experience

Diverse Wedding Dances in Kerala's Communities

Kerala’s diverse communities have their own unique wedding dance traditions influenced by religious and cultural preferences. For instance, the Muslim community prefers Sufi dances, Oppana dances, and Qawali performances, while Hindu weddings often feature traditional art forms like Mohiniyattam, Kerala Nadanam, and Kathakali. Modern Western dance styles are also integrated, especially during receptions organized by the groom’s family. Christian weddings may include traditional Margam Kali along with modern Western dances. Jaspira Wedding Planners, a leading wedding planning service, offers a wide range of dance options catering to clients from various communities, including traditional Indian dances and Western styles from Europe, Russia, and other foreign countries.

India’s wedding planning industry is rapidly expanding, with a growing demand for skilled dancers, including those specializing in Western styles. Many Western dance artists have chosen to work in India, primarily in major cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, making them readily available for Indian weddings. This trend reflects the evolving cultural dynamics and the blending of traditions in modern Indian wedding celebrations.

What is the cost of wedding dance in Kerala?

The cost of wedding dances in Kerala varies based on factors like team size, team quality and reputation, dance style, and travel distance. Prices fluctuate accordingly. A typical Sufi dance performance by a team of six boys costs approximately 15,000 Indian rupees, including 5 to 6 sequences, including the grand wedding entry dance. Oppana dance performances range from 18,000 to 20,000 rupees, while traditional Margam Kali dance performances fall within the same price range. Special modern performances dedicated to weddings can cost significantly more, ranging from 30,000 to 350,000 rupees. A Tanora performance typically costs at least 25,000 to 30,000 rupees for a single Indian dance artist. Traditional Kerala dance forms like Mohiniyattam are priced at around 5,000 to 7,000 rupees per person, while Kathakali can go up to 12,000 rupees per person.

Kochi serves as the primary hub for wedding dances in Kerala, with numerous dance specialists based there. Jaspira Wedding Planners, located in Kochi, leverages its strong connections to offer clients discounted prices, ensuring a memorable and cost-effective wedding dance experience.

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Different Options of Wedding Entertainment in Kerala

Jaspira Wedding Planners is committed to making your wedding ceremony truly special and unforgettable. To cater to diverse preferences, we offer a range of entertainment options to keep your wedding guests engaged and entertained on your big day:

Frequently Asked Questions

To keep people entertained at a wedding, consider a diverse playlist, interactive games like lawn games or a photo booth, and hiring a live band or DJ. Additionally, plan surprises like dance performances or a fireworks display. Personal touches and activities that engage guests will ensure everyone has a memorable time.

Dancing at weddings is a universal celebration of joy, love, and unity. It symbolizes the couple’s new beginning and creates a lively atmosphere, fostering social bonds among guests. The rhythmic movements express happiness and bring people together in a memorable expression of festivity.

The cost of Kerala wedding dance varies based on factors such as the dance troupe, duration, and location. On average, prices can range from 20,000 to 30,000. It’s advisable to consult with dance groups or wedding planner and discuss specific requirements for accurate pricing tailored to your preferences and budget.

Ensure a lively wedding by incorporating fun elements like a photo booth, interactive games, and a diverse music playlist. Personalize the experience with heartfelt speeches and surprise performances. Keeping guests engaged with these memorable moments will create a joyful and entertaining atmosphere throughout the celebration.

The most popular dance at weddings is typically the “First Dance,” where the newlyweds share a special moment on the dance floor. It symbolizes their union and kicks off the celebration. Additionally, lively group dances like the “Electric Slide” or “Cupid Shuffle” are often crowd favorites, adding to the festive atmosphere.

We entertain guests by creating a welcoming atmosphere, offering engaging activities, and providing delightful refreshments. Whether it’s a themed dinner party or a casual gathering, our goal is to ensure everyone enjoys a memorable and enjoyable experience.

The most popular dance at weddings is typically the “first dance,” where the newlyweds take the floor together. This special moment sets the tone for the celebration. Additionally, upbeat group dances like the “Electric Slide” or “Cha-Cha Slide” are often favorites, encouraging guests to join in and celebrate joyfully.


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