Wedding Stage Decoration In Kerala

Wedding stage decoration has always been a cherished tradition in Kerala, and its significance has only grown over the years. Today, couples and their families are increasingly enthusiastic about creating stunning wedding stages. While traditional Kerala stages have a rich history, the trend has evolved, with a fusion of modern and traditional elements. People now seek to infuse diverse cultural and traditional aspects into their stage designs, often adding a touch of Western style. The desire for unique and captivating stage decor has become a hallmark of contemporary Kerala weddings.

Why Wedding Stage Decoration Matters?

Wedding stage decoration serves a crucial role, creating a splendid backdrop for couples to capture treasured memories in photos and during live celebrations on their special day. As the focus on crafting unforgettable moments in weddings continues to rise, the significance of flawless stage decor has become more pronounced. Particularly in traditional Hindu weddings and various other religious ceremonies, the inclusion of divine pooja settings within the traditional stages adds a sacred and divine element to the overall ambiance, further elevating the importance of wedding stage decoration. Often referred to as ‘Mandap’ in Indian wedding ceremonies, it has historical roots in traditional beliefs and rituals.

Diverse Community Wedding Stage Decorations in Kerala

In Kerala, various communities celebrate weddings with unique and meaningful stage decorations. In Hindu weddings, the central element is the ‘Mandap’ or ‘Madapam’ decoration, a traditional setup rich in significance for rituals like ‘thalikettu’ and other Hindu ceremonies. After the wedding, Hindu couples often create reception stages to host their guests and celebrate together.


For Muslim communities, the wedding stage holds immense importance, particularly during the ‘Nikkah’ ceremony. It is where the groom, along with elderly family members, conducts the Nikkah. In addition, a separate ‘Bridal Stage’ is commonly placed behind or opposite the main stage, where the bride sits during the entire Nikkah ceremony, observing from a distance.


In Christian weddings, the wedding stage comes into play after the church ceremony. This is where post-mass rituals take place, including cake-cutting and wine exchange ceremonies. Each community attributes great importance to wedding stage decorations in Kerala, intertwining these stages with their unique cultural and divine rituals.

Wedding Stage Flower Decorations in Kerala: Fresh and Artificial Blossoms

In Kerala, the tradition of adorning wedding stages with beautiful flowers is deeply cherished. These fresh blooms primarily come from regions in Karnataka, particularly from places like Mysore and Bangalore. Couples often opt for a delightful array of fresh flowers such as roses, jasmines, lilies, carnations, marigolds, and lotuses to embellish their wedding stages, infusing them with a rich, traditional ambiance.

However, with changing trends, some couples are now considering artificial flowers for their weddings. Artificial flowers are readily available in Kerala, offering genuine quality. They are preferred for their cost-effectiveness and reusability. Yet, the allure of fresh blooms continues to bring an air of opulence to wedding events, making them a timeless and cherished choice.

wedding stage decoration in Kerala

What is the cost of wedding stage decoration in Kerala?

The cost of a wedding stage in Kerala depends on various factors, including the choice of flowers, the required workforce, stage size, and the distance to the event location. On average, wedding stage prices in Kerala typically range from 40,000 to 70,000 INR.

Kerala’s wedding stages are divided into traditional Hindu wedding stages and modern reception stages. For traditional stages, the prices can be similar or even higher, depending on the design and quality. Even a simple wedding stage setup may cost around 20,000 INR in Kerala, while more advanced and modern stages can cost lakhs of rupees, with each stage varying in price based on design and quality.

Investing in the perfect wedding stage is a priority for many couples, given the significance of the occasion. The cost fluctuates depending on preferences, but the average range is a starting point for those planning their special day. Traditional and modern designs both offer their own charm, and the quality of the setup influences the price, making it essential for couples to find the right balance between their dream stage and their budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of wedding decoration in Kerala varies based on several factors. For an average Malayali wedding, total decoration prices usually range from 1 lakh to 2 lakhs rupees. For upper-middle-class families, stage decoration prices typically fall within the range of 35,000 to 60,000 rupees.

To create a romantic ambiance for a wedding ceremony stage, use drapery, floral arrangements, and lighting. Incorporate the wedding color scheme, add elegant backdrops, and consider thematic elements. Utilize props like candles, lanterns, or personalized signage. Ensure that the decor complements the overall theme and enhances the couple’s special day.

Jaspira is here to assist you in crafting personalized wedding decorations tailored to your specific preferences.

The venue and catering typically account for the largest portion of wedding expenses. These costs vary based on location, guest count, and personal preferences, making them the most significant contributors to overall wedding expenses.

It is advisable to book your wedding decorator in Kerala at least 6 to 12 months before your wedding date. This ensures availability, allows for thorough planning, and provides ample time for discussions and adjustments to create your desired decor.

Wedding decorations typically include elements such as floral arrangements, centerpieces, table linens, lighting, drapery, signage, aisle decor, chair covers, bows, and thematic accessories. These contribute to creating a visually appealing and cohesive atmosphere for the celebration.

Yes, a wedding decorator can collaborate with other vendors such as florists and lighting professionals to ensure cohesive and harmonious decor. Effective communication and coordination among vendors contribute to a seamless and beautiful overall wedding setup

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