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Welcome to Jaspira Wedding Planners, the epitome of wedding enchantment and cinematic artistry in the heart of Kerala. With a stellar seven-year journey, we have proudly orchestrated over 300 weddings, earning acclaim as one of the finest wedding planners in the region.

Nestled in the vibrant city of Kochi, Ernakulam, at Chackaraparmbu, Jaspira Wedding Planners transcends mere service; it’s a curated experience by a dedicated team of over 20 skilled professionals. Our commitment echoes throughout Kerala as we redefine wedding planning through innovation and creativity.

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Meet the Visionaries

Behind Jaspira wedding planners are Mr. Aljo and Ms. Riya Peter, visionaries with a combined experience spanning two decades. Mr. Aljo, the force behind Ayga Events, and Ms. Riya Peter, bring a wealth of expertise to curate unforgettable celebrations.

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Mr. Aljo

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Ms. Riya Peter

Antony Perumbavoor's Daughter's Wedding:

Antony Perumbavoor, a luminary in the Malayalam film industry, is not just a film producer but a connoisseur of grand celebrations. At Jaspira Wedding Planners, we had the honor of weaving the tale of love for his daughter, Dr. Aneeha, and Dr. Emil.

The Enchanting Journey: The enchanting journey began in the picturesque town of Perumbavoor, nestled in the heart of Ernakulam district, Kerala. Focused on curating an experience that reflected the essence of the Antony Perumbavoor family, Jaspira Wedding Planners took charge of the betrothal ceremony.

Meticulous Planning: Our team, with meticulous planning and dedication, orchestrated a celebration that seamlessly blended tradition and modernity. The joy of witnessing the union of two souls was further heightened by the warmth and appreciation received from Antony Perumbavoor and the entire family.

Endorsement and Memories: Antony Perumbavoor’s kind words and positive feedback resonated deeply with us. We were not just wedding planners; we became creators of memories etched in the hearts of everyone present. The success of Dr. Aneeha and Dr. Emil’s wedding is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to transform dreams into reality.

Magical Celebration Reflection: As we reflect on this magical celebration, we invite you to explore the beauty of love through our lens. Antony Perumbavoor’s endorsement and the lasting memories we crafted stand as a beacon of success for Jaspira Wedding Planners. Watch Antony Perumbavoor’s heartfelt video review here and delve into the enchanting world of celebrations we bring to life.


Kerala’s Wedding Planners Crafting Grand Weddings

Jaspira Wedding Planners in Kochi, Kerala will curate and organize the wedding of your dreams. Make your celebration grand and ever-lasting by making us in charge of your big day. Leave your worries aside and let the professional wedding organizers in Kerala do the job. Trust us to make your wedding unforgettable for you and your loved ones.

Siddique's Son's Wedding in Kochi:

In the vibrant tapestry of Malayalam cinema, Siddique stands as a stalwart, contributing to over 350 films with his versatile roles in various languages. When the momentous occasion of his son Shannen’s wedding arrived, Jaspira Wedding Planners was honored to craft an unforgettable experience.

Star-Studded Celebration: On the auspicious Sunday of March 13, 2022, Chackolas Povlin in Kalamassery, Ernakulam, Kochi, became the backdrop for a star-studded celebration that resonated with the glitz and glamour of the film industry. The event was not merely a wedding; it was a grand reception attended by renowned film stars, industry insiders, and the close-knit circle of Siddique’s relatives.

Seamless Affair: Jaspira Wedding Planners orchestrated a seamless affair, showcasing our expertise in managing high-profile events. The venue sparkled with the presence of legendary actors like Mamooty, Mohanlal, Jayaram, Dileep, and many more. The evening unfolded as a complete dinner program, capturing the essence of joy, love, and cinematic grandeur.

Acknowledgment and Wishes: The success of Siddique’s son’s wedding was a testament to our dedication and proficiency in handling every aspect of the celebration. From decorations to photography, videography, entertainment, and beyond, Jaspira Wedding Planners left an indelible mark on the hearts of the attendees.

Gracious Acknowledgment: Noteworthy was the gracious acknowledgment and warm wishes we received from Siddique’s son, Shannen, and his wife, Dr. Amrita. The icing on the cake was the heartfelt video review from the esteemed Siddique himself. His commendations and compliments reflected the pride we felt in delivering a wedding that surpassed expectations.

Cinematic Affair Reflection: This cinematic affair became a proud moment for Jaspira Wedding Planners, and it is stories like these that define our journey in the wedding industry. Watch Siddique’s son’s heartfelt video review here and be a part of our journey, where every celebration is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the art of crafting unforgettable memories.

A Symphony of Creativity:

Art Direction in Malayalam Films

Jaspira Wedding Planners doesn’t just orchestrate weddings; we contribute to the magic of Malayalam cinema. Collaborating with renowned film art directors such as Sathosh Raman, Shijin Pattanam,and Maney. our artistic touch has graced numerous cinematic masterpieces.

Iconic Films: Our creative influence extends to iconic Malayalam films, including the heartwarming “Hey Jude,” featuring Nivin Poly, the soul-stirring “Mayanadhi” starring Tovino Thomas, and the grandeur of “Loham” with the Malayalam superstar Mohanlal. Beyond past endeavors, we eagerly anticipate exciting collaborations in upcoming movies like “Guruvayur Ambalanadayil” featuring Prithviraj Sukumaran.

Genuine Friendships: What sets Jaspira Wedding Planners apart is not just our professional collaborations but the genuine friendships we’ve cultivated with esteemed film art directors. Sathosh Raman and Shijin Pattanam, celebrated for their outstanding work in Malayalam feature films and ad films, have become integral parts of the Jaspira family.

Artistry in Action: As a testament to our dedication, we invite you to witness our artistry in action. Explore the magic we brought to the beach wedding scene in “Hey Jude,” shot on the picturesque Cherai Beach in Ernakulam district, starring the luminous Trisha and the ever-charming Nivin Poly. Click here to immerse yourself in the beauty of our decoration videos.

Curating Experiences: At Jaspira Wedding Planners, we don’t merely plan weddings; we curate experiences that transcend reality, infusing every celebration with the magic of love and cinematic artistry. Join us on this extraordinary journey where dreams become a living, breathing reality.

Watch our decoration videos of the beach wedding scene in “Hey Jude” here and witness firsthand the artistry we bring to the world of Malayalam cinema.

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