Wedding Nadaswaram Team In Kerala

Nadaswaram In Kerala Wedding

At Jaspira Wedding Planners, we help organize and set up Nadaswaram teams for Hindu weddings in South India, especially in Kerala. Nadaswaram is a big part of these weddings and adds something special. In Kerala, where many people are Hindu, Nadaswaram is a significant element in weddings.

So, what’s in a Nadaswaram team in Kerala? Three main things: the Nadaswaram itself, the Thakil instrument, and the Thalam instrument. The Nadaswaram player needs to know Indian Carnatic music well, mainly played at weddings. Sometimes, they throw in old songs from Malayalam and Tamil films during the ceremonies.

Picture this: the wedding starts with the sweet tunes of Nadaswaram as the groom walks in and sits on the wedding stage. The Nadaswaram team walks with him, and a group of girls usually carries the ‘Thalam’ behind them. The bride, along with her family, then walks to the wedding stage, with the Nadaswaram team. During the ceremony, the Nadaswaram team creates a nice vibe, making the rituals even better.

The most important part, ‘Thalikettu’ (tying the special thread), gets a beautiful touch with the lovely tunes of Nadaswaram. Some teams even do a ‘Kachery’ (musical performance) after the Thalikettu. You usually need at least three people for a Nadaswaram team, but Kerala weddings usually go for six to nine people. Jaspira Wedding Planners is great at putting together all kinds of wedding ceremonies and getting the best Nadaswaram artists in big cities across Kerala.

Nadaswaram teams don’t just do weddings; they play at religious stuff, temple festivals, and events for different religions. These days, Nadaswaram has become super popular as a must-have musical group for weddings in Kerala. If you want an amazing time with an experienced Nadaswaram team anywhere in Kerala, just hit up Jaspira Wedding Planners. We’ll get you the best Nadaswaram team, making sure your celebration is full of lovely melodies.


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