No. 1 Wedding Oppana Dancers Team in Kerala

No. 1 Wedding Oppana Dancers Team in Kerala

Jaspira Wedding Planners makes your Kerala wedding extra special with Oppana, a lively dance rooted in Muslim traditions and now celebrated across religions. Picture a group of girls surrounding the bride, singing joyful songs and clapping with traditional instruments.

Oppana isn’t just for weddings; it’s a cultural treasure in Kerala, performed at various events. Jaspira offers Oppana in wedding packages, showcasing different styles from a six-member team. We aim to share Kerala’s rich traditions, making your wedding a memorable cultural celebration that goes beyond the ordinary.

Oppana has deep roots in Kerala’s Muslim communities, particularly in the Malabar region. It originated as ‘Afna’ or ‘praise’ and evolved into a widespread cultural treasure. In a typical Oppana, female dancers encircle the bride, singing romantic or devotional songs with traditional instruments like chenda and maddalam.

Jaspira Wedding Planners coordinates Oppana teams for weddings and cultural events, ensuring that the wedding dance and entertainment are seamlessly integrated. We understand the importance of creating a vibrant and joyous atmosphere during weddings. Our Oppana team arrives early on the wedding day, capturing the preparations and setting the tone for the festivities with lively tunes that complement the wedding dance and entertainment.

The Oppana team plays a vital role in enhancing the ambiance and accompanying the rituals. ‘Thalikettu,’ the tying of the sacred thread, is accentuated by Oppana’s mesmerising melodies. Some teams even offer ‘Kachery,’ a musical performance after the Thalikettu. Kerala weddings usually have a team of six to nine members practicing meticulously to create a captivating experience for the wedding dance and entertainment.

Jaspira Wedding Planners is passionate about preserving Kerala’s cultural heritage and making your wedding dance and entertainment truly special. We coordinate with the best Oppana artists in Kerala, committed to preserving and showcasing this cultural gem. Every wedding with Jaspira is a celebration of love, culture, and tradition, with Oppana adding a unique and joyous element to the wedding dance and entertainment.

Oppana in Kerala weddings has become a sought-after cultural performance at various events. It is a celebration of love and togetherness, with simple yet graceful dance movements that add charm to any event. Jaspira includes Oppana in entertainment packages, making it a favourite for cultural events and festivals where the wedding dance and entertainment become a highlight.

As wedding planners, we follow a structured process for Oppana arrangements, ensuring that the wedding dance and entertainment are seamlessly woven into the event. Understanding the client’s needs, researching potential teams, scheduling consultations, and coordinating logistics are crucial steps. A final review ensures clients receive a high-quality Oppana experience that elevates the wedding dance and entertainment to a new level.

Dreaming of a wedding that beautifully blends tradition and modernity? Jaspira Wedding Planners brings Oppana to your wedding, creating cherished memories with a perfect fusion of wedding dance and entertainment. With us, your Kerala wedding is not just special; it’s a cultural journey reflecting the soul of this vibrant state.


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