Hotel Merlin International Thrissur


Hotel Merlin International Thrissur

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Hotel Merlin International wedding Lawn Thrissur

Unforgettable Wedding at Merlin International Thrissur’s Enchanting Lawn

Hotel Merlin International Thrissur is the ultimate destination, renowned for its fantastic outdoor wedding lawn. Perfect for weddings and parties, it’s right in the heart of everything. The lawn is spacious, guest-friendly, and even comes with parking—talk about convenience! Picture your special day or any event in this gorgeous outdoor setting.

Merlin International’s outdoor wedding space is fantastic! It’s in a great spot on the property, surrounded by greenery, and it’s pretty big—10,000 square feet! Perfect for big gatherings, like weddings or parties. You can invite around 550 guests for a great time in the fresh air. And here’s a cool part: it’s close to Pandhal Hall. That means you can mix indoor and outdoor spaces, making a huge 24,000 square feet area for a super grand event.

Outdoor Elegance:

Magical wedding at Hotel Merlin international with Jaspira wedding Planners

Hotel Merlin International Thrissur is excited to welcome the event management team. Imagine your big day at Merlin International feeling like a dream. Picture a lovely wedding venue, and now add the magic touch of Jaspira Wedding Planners. We not only bring enchantment but also help you wisely manage your wedding costs. Here’s a delightful twist: When you book through Jaspira Wedding Planners, you get a special discount. It’s like getting an extra sprinkle of magic for less.

Your dream celebration is just one simple step away, made even more memorable with the support of Jaspira Wedding Planners’ Event Management Team. Think about a celebration where everything is taken care of by a dedicated team, making it stress-free.

Hotel Merlin International, along with Jaspira Wedding Planners, creates the perfect canvas for your dream wedding. Book now and let the magic unfold at a special discounted rate, turning your celebration into an extraordinary and budget-friendly experience. Your dream celebration is waiting with open arms and a touch of enchantment!


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Hotel Merlin International Thrissur

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