Malabar Ocean Front Resort and Spa in Kasaragod


Malabar Ocean Front Resort and Spa in Kasaragod

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Malabar Ocean Front Resort and Spa in kasaragod

Malabar Ocean Front Resort and Spa: Experience Luxury by the Coastal Serenity

Tucked along the beautiful Bekal coastline, the Malabar Ocean Front Resort and Spa is an ideal place for couples looking for a unique wedding venue. As soon as you arrive, you’ll feel the luxury and calmness, where the blue waters of the Malabar Coast meet Kerala’s green landscapes. It’s a perfect backdrop for couples starting their journey of love.

Picture saying your vows under swaying palm trees, with a gentle breeze carrying romantic feelings. The resort offers different stunning venues, whether you dream of a beach ceremony at sunset or an elegant ballroom affair overlooking the Arabian Sea. Each space is carefully designed to feel magical, making every moment of the celebration special.

The resort has top-notch amenities, like comfy rooms, great dining, and lots of fun activities for all ages. The Ocean Front Resort and Spa has spacious modern suites and villas, mixing modern comforts with traditional touches for ultimate relaxation. The culinary team serves a mix of local Kerala flavors and international dishes, creating a delightful dining experience.

If you want to relax and recharge, the resort’s spa is a haven. Ancient healing and modern wellness practices blend to bring balance to your mind, body, and soul. Couples can enjoy massages and beauty treatments, preparing for their big day in a peaceful way.

What makes the Malabar Ocean Front Resort and Spa special is their excellent service. From planning the wedding to the last guest leaving, the dedicated team of wedding specialists ensures every detail is perfect. This resort truly captures the essence of romance and luxury, making it the perfect destination for couples starting their lifetime adventure.

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Malabar Ocean Front Resort and Spa in Kasaragod

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