Indriya Sands Cherai Resort Kochi


Indriya Sands Cherai Resort Kochi

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Indriya Sands Resort Kochi

Indriya Sands Cherai Resort for dream destination weddings in Kerala

Indriya Sands is a fantastic choice for destination weddings  and Beach Weddings in Cherai, Kochi Kerala. Located in a beautiful green area near Kochi city and the airport, this special place is surrounded by calm blue waters. Explore the beauty of Kerala at its finest. Indriya Sands Cherai provides a variety of luxury amenities within the beauty of nature. You’ll find comfortable rooms, various spots for weddings, delicious catering, plenty of parking space, and a delightful seafood restaurant.

It’s a satisfying and complete experience in this haven of natural beauty. The peaceful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings make it an ideal setting for a memorable and intimate celebration. Whether you’re exchanging promises or enjoying a delicious meal, Indriya Sands offers the perfect backdrop for special moments.

The banquet hall at Indriya Sands Resort in Cherai, Kochi, is a treat for the eyes. It adds to the beauty of the place, which is surrounded by lots of greenery, making it an excellent choice for Destination and Beach weddings. If you’d like our help to make your upcoming event fantastic and get a special deal by booking through us, reach out today. Picture a stunning resort in Kochi called Indriya Sands, with incredible backwaters—a dream location for destination weddings and outdoor events. Skilled in organising, Jaspira Wedding Planners is ready to assist with your special day at this fantastic venue.

Reach out, and you might even get a special offer, making sure your celebration is truly unforgettable! Whether it’s a destination wedding, an outdoor ceremony, or any special event, they have the expertise to make it extraordinary. The friendly wedding event management team is dedicated to ensuring your day is stress-free, delightful, and stays within your wedding budget. So, don’t miss out—get in touch now, and let’s create magical moments together at Indriya Sands in Cherai, Kochi!

Indriya Sands caters to all your destination wedding needs, offering complete services and the flexibility to work with external teams and wedding planners for your special day. Enjoy a smooth and personalised celebration at our charming venue in Cherai, Kochi.

Looking for the best wedding planners in Kochi? Look no further! Jaspira Wedding Planners specialises in creating memorable events, ensuring every detail is perfect. As one of the best wedding event planners, we understand the importance of staying within your wedding budget while delivering an outstanding experience. Let us handle the details, so you can focus on enjoying your special day at Indriya Sands.



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Indriya Sands Cherai Resort Kochi

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