Greenwood Resort, Kottayam, Kerala


Greenwood Resort, Kottayam, Kerala

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Greenwood resort

Experience Your Magical Wedding Celebration at Greenwood Resort

Greenwood Resort in Kerala is a wonderful place for couples who want a dream wedding. It’s surrounded by beautiful nature, with lush greenery and peaceful backwaters, making it perfect for a romantic celebration. The resort offers great amenities and top-notch hospitality to make weddings truly special. One of the best things about Greenwood Resort is its stunning location by the calm waters of Kerala’s backwaters. The green surroundings and exotic plants create a magical atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for couples who dream of a destination wedding. The resort has spacious grounds for various ceremonies, ensuring every moment is surrounded by nature’s beauty. Greenwood Resort is committed to providing luxury and comfort. The wedding venues cater to both intimate gatherings and grand ceremonies. There are elegant banquet halls, lovely outdoor spaces, and even a waterfront area for couples who want a unique backdrop for their vows. Each venue is beautifully decorated, allowing couples to personalize their wedding vision.

A standout feature of Greenwood Resort is its expert team of wedding planners. They work hard to plan and execute every detail, from flowers to food, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience. The resort offers customizable wedding packages, letting couples tailor their celebration to their preferences and budget. The resort’s culinary excellence is impressive. Renowned chefs curate delicious menus featuring the diverse flavors of Kerala cuisine. From traditional dishes to international delicacies, the food at Greenwood Resort is sure to delight guests. Special dietary needs are also considered, ensuring everyone enjoys a great dining experience. Accommodations at Greenwood Resort are luxurious, with well-appointed rooms and suites offering breathtaking views. Guests can enjoy modern amenities and personalized services, making their stay comfortable and enjoyable. The resort’s hospitality ensures that every guest feels pampered throughout their visit.

Beyond the wedding, Greenwood Resort offers a variety of activities for couples and guests. From spa treatments to cultural excursions, the resort provides a well-rounded experience beyond the typical wedding celebration. Greenwood Resort in Kerala is the perfect destination wedding venue. Its enchanting location, luxurious amenities, culinary excellence, and impeccable service make it ideal for couples who want a fairy-tale celebration surrounded by the natural beauty of Kerala. A wedding at Greenwood Resort isn’t just an event; it’s a magical experience creating lasting memories.

Jaspira stands out as the premier wedding planner in Kerala, offering unparalleled expertise in orchestrating unforgettable celebrations. Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and personalized approach, Jaspira ensures seamless and stress-free wedding experiences. Booking the exquisite Greenwood Resort through Jaspira not only guarantees a stunning venue but also unlocks the advantage of the most cost-effective arrangements, making dreams of a perfect wedding in Kerala a reality without compromising on quality or extravagance.


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Greenwood Resort, Kottayam, Kerala

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