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Arayathu Heritage Villa

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Arayathu Heritage Villa: A Timeless Romance Getaway

Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort in Kottayam is a beautiful choice for couples looking for a wedding venue that mixes old traditions with modern comforts. It’s surrounded by the greenery of Kerala and has a classic feel with all the modern things you’d want for a celebration. The resort has historic villas that are well taken care of, making you feel like you’re in a different time. They have different places for weddings, whether you want something small and cozy or big and extravagant.The resort cares a lot about keeping its cultural roots alive, especially when it comes to weddings. If you want to include traditional rituals in your wedding, the resort has a lovely courtyard with colorful flowers and traditional decorations to make your ceremony special. The people who plan events at the resort are experienced and work closely with couples to make sure everything is just how they want it, making each wedding unique.

Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort is more than just a place for a ceremony; it’s an experience that goes beyond the wedding day. They offer fancy places to stay, letting guests enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The mix of modern conveniences and old-style buildings creates a relaxing atmosphere, making it great not just for weddings but also for parties before and after.The food at the resort is amazing, with a menu that shows off the tasty flavors of Kerala. They have everything from local favorites to international dishes, making the wedding feast a memorable part of the celebration. The resort also cares about the environment, using local ingredients for their food to be more eco-friendly.

Arayathu Heritage Villa Resort in Kottayam is a wonderful place for couples who want a wedding location that combines old traditions with modern comforts. With its beautiful setting, attention to detail, and dedication to keeping cultural traditions alive, the resort is a magical space where love stories come to life. Jaspira stands out as the premier choice for all types of weddings, including destination weddings and intimate ceremonies, seamlessly blending elegance with affordability. Renowned for its innovative approach, Jaspira specializes in reducing the cost of wedding venues, ensuring couples create unforgettable memories without breaking the bank.


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Arayathu Heritage Villa

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