Thiruvambady Convention Centre Thrissur


Thiruvambady Convention Centre Thrissur

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Thiruvambadi Convention Centre Hindu weddings

Thiruvambady Convention Centre: Timeless Charm for Traditional Hindu Weddings

Thrissur is famous for the Thrissur Pooram festival, one of the most spectacular events globally. The Thiruvambady temple is a key player in organizing this grand festival.

The Thiruvambady Devaswom oversees temple properties and has introduced the Thiruvambady Convention Centre, a versatile venue for weddings, conferences, and events. It has an air-conditioned auditorium called “Nandanam” that can accommodate over 1000 people, a dining hall named “Dwaraka,” and modern living spaces. There’s parking for 100+ cars and a Naga Kshetra for prayer. The center serves only vegetarian food. It’s the best venue in the heart of Thrissur for various events.

The thoughtful Thrissur Devaswom Board manages Thiruvambadi Convention Centre, extending a warm invitation to wedding planners seeking a special venue for their events. Situated in the heart of Thrissur, our Centre is an expert at creating the perfect setting for traditional Kerala Hindu weddings. We take care of everything, from beautifully designed stage decorations to hall decorations, ensuring your ceremony is smooth and unforgettable. The Center has become a hub for celebrations, blending cultural richness with modern conveniences.

With plenty of experience at this venue, Jaspira Wedding Planners steps in as a reliable partner to make your wedding even better. Their team of event management experts is dedicated to making your celebration a cherished memory. This collaboration brings extra expertise, making sure every detail, including the wedding cost, is handled carefully.

For those thinking about our venue, booking through Jaspira Wedding Planners comes with added benefits. Besides getting special discounts, you get insights and support from a skilled team that understands the ins and outs of crafting great events and managing the Hindu wedding venue seamlessly. This partnership is meant to make the stress of wedding planning less, letting you enjoy the happy moments and create lasting memories.

Thiruvambadi Convention Centre and Jaspira Wedding Planners team up to make your wedding dreams come true at one of the finest wedding halls in Thrissur. Enjoy the charm of this venue, where traditions meet elegance, and let’s create an event that goes beyond what you imagined.


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Thiruvambady Convention Centre Thrissur

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