PM Palace in Thrissur


PM Palace in Thrissur

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Pm Palace in Thrissur

Experience the Magic of PM Palace for Your Enchanting Wedding!

PM Palace is a wonderful place for weddings in the beautiful landscapes of Kerala. It’s perfect for couples who want a magical wedding, blending traditional charm with modern elegance.The palace reflects Kerala’s rich culture through its detailed woodwork, traditional carvings, and unique design that showcases the region’s beauty. Guests walking in experience the grandeur of the palace, leaving them amazed and delighted.

With spacious and well-kept gardens, PM Palace is an excellent spot for outdoor weddings. Couples can exchange vows under the open sky, surrounded by colorful flowers and the calming sounds of nature. The palace’s location by the water adds a romantic touch, with gentle ripples creating a peaceful atmosphere. Inside, PM Palace features fancy banquet halls with beautiful decorations, suitable for both small and big celebrations. Every detail, from colors to furnishings, adds a touch of luxury to the venue.

The culinary team at PM Palace creates delicious menus blending traditional Kerala dishes with international flavors, focusing on freshness and quality. Each dish is a culinary masterpiece delighting the taste buds of wedding guests. The event planning team at PM Palace works closely with couples to make their dream wedding come true, handling everything from flowers to lighting and entertainment. They ensure every part of the celebration is well-planned and memorable. Choosing PM Palace as a wedding venue in Kerala is more than just a ceremony; it’s a journey into the heart of Kerala’s cultural heritage. With stunning architecture, beautiful surroundings, and excellent service, PM Palace exemplifies the beauty and charm of weddings in “God’s Own Country.”

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PM Palace in Thrissur

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