Chengara Heritage Open Lawn, Malappuram


Chengara Heritage Open Lawn, Malappuram

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Chengara Heritage Open Lawn:

Chengara Heritage’s Open Lawn, Where Love Blossoms

Chengara Heritage Open Lawn is a really pretty place in nature where people can have Destination weddings. It’s perfect for couples who want a special celebration surrounded by greenery and traditional things. When the sun sets, there are fairy lights that make the place look even more magical.This place is cool because it mixes modern comforts with old-fashioned charm. The lawns are well-kept and make a beautiful background for weddings, especially with the big Western Ghats mountains far away. The buildings have special wooden carvings and designs that show off the culture of Kerala.

What’s awesome about Chengara Heritage is that they care about the environment. They use lights that don’t waste energy and handle waste properly. They want the celebration to be amazing for couples and also good for the planet. There’s a team of professionals at the venue who plan and organize weddings. They make sure each event is special, whether it’s a big party or a small one. The big lawn can be used for all kinds of weddings, from traditional to modern.

Chengara Heritage Open Lawn has great facilities, like nice rooms for the bride and groom and plenty of parking for guests. They want to make sure everyone has a stress-free time. With a mix of old and new, Chengara Heritage Open Lawn is a fantastic place for weddings where love and nature come together, making memories that last.As a wedding planner, I feel privileged to create special moments within its green surroundings, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts of everyone who attends.Jaspira is the best wedding planner in Kerala. They’re really good at making dream weddings happen without spending too much money. Jaspira turns your ideas into amazing weddings, making sure they’re unforgettable and fit your budget.


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Chengara Heritage Open Lawn, Malappuram

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