BTH Sarovaram Kochi, Kerala


BTH Sarovaram Kochi, Kerala

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BTH Sarovaram Kochi, Kerala

Find Peaceful Luxury wedding  at BTH Sarovaram Kochi 

BTH Sarovaram Kochi is a beautiful place for weddings in the lively city of Kochi, Kerala. It’s surrounded by nature and has everything needed for a great celebration. The venue has lovely gardens and lawns, perfect for outdoor ceremonies. The green surroundings make the whole place look pretty and bring a fresh and lively vibe to the celebration. One of the best things about BTH Sarovaram Kochi is its location by the water. It’s surrounded by backwaters, giving a romantic touch to the wedding. Couples can choose to have their ceremony by the water, creating a calming and romantic atmosphere.

The venue has a mix of traditional Kerala style and modern elegance in its design. The banquet halls are spacious and can be decorated to match different themes. The interiors are stylish and comfortable, making it suitable for both small and big gatherings. The team at BTH Sarovaram Kochi is experienced and dedicated. They take care of all the details, from food to decorations, working closely with the couple to make their vision come true. The venue also offers a variety of delicious food options to suit different tastes. For guests coming to the wedding, there are plenty of accommodation choices. The rooms and suites are comfortable and classy, ensuring that everyone has a pleasant stay.

Besides being a fantastic wedding venue, BTH Sarovaram Kochi provides recreational activities, making it perfect for events before and after the wedding. Couples and guests can enjoy boat rides, nature walks, and spa treatments, adding extra fun to the whole wedding experience. BTH Sarovaram Kochi is a dreamy and enchanting wedding venue where love can flourish in the midst of nature and modern luxury. With its beautiful location, flexible spaces, and excellent services, it shows that weddings here are not just events but unforgettable experiences that stay in the hearts of everyone who attends.

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BTH Sarovaram Kochi, Kerala

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