Adlux International Convention Centre, Angamaly


Adlux International Convention Centre, Angamaly

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Adlux International Convention Centre

Adlux International Convention Centre – An Ideal venue for Your Wedding Day!

Adlux International Convention Centre in Angamaly, Kerala, is a modern and impressive place where they host different events like weddings, conferences, and cultural shows. It’s close to the Cochin International Airport, so it’s easy for people from anywhere to come. The venue is surrounded by beautiful greenery and has a mix of traditional Kerala style and modern design. Inside, there are different spaces for different events. The main auditorium has great audio-visual facilities for conferences and seminars. The banquet halls are nicely designed and perfect for weddings and social gatherings. They can adjust the venue to fit the specific needs of each event.

Adlux not only looks good but is also committed to providing excellent hospitality. The professional team takes care of every detail, so organizers and attendees can focus on the event. The catering services offer a variety of delicious food to suit different tastes. One special thing about Adlux is that it’s dedicated to being eco-friendly. The convention centre uses energy-efficient technologies to reduce its environmental impact, which goes along with the global effort for sustainable event management.

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Adlux International Convention Centre, Angamaly

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