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Planning a wedding in Kerala is like creating a beautiful story with nature and culture. Imagine having your dream wedding in a special place, whether it’s a peaceful beach, a vibrant outdoor setting, or a stunning destination. Kerala offers many pretty spots for your celebration.


To make it all happen, you need help from skilled wedding planners in Kerala. They know how to find a good spot, make things look nice, arrange tasty food, and plan fun activities. From beautiful beach weddings to lively outdoor celebrations, these planners can turn your dream into a reality. They also excel at creating beautiful stage decorations and can guide you to the most stunning wedding venues in Kerala. These top 10 wedding planners in Kerala are like superheroes with special skills to make your wedding amazing. Picture celebrating your love in the natural beauty of Kerala, knowing these experts are working hard to make your wedding unforgettable. It’s not just about the ceremony; it’s about making memories that last a lifetime. Experience the charm of a Kerala wedding, where tradition meets simplicity, and let these planners turn your special day into a happy celebration filled with love and laughter. Your wedding day, whether on a beach, outdoors, or at a destination, should be as special as your love story, and with these planners, it’s sure to be everything you’ve dreamed of and more.


Melodia Event Management


Melodia Events, also known as Melodia Event Management, is one of the best and most experienced companies in Kerala. They are experts in Kerala destination weddings and local Malayalee ceremonies, bringing 15 years of unmatched experience. With their excellent production facilities, they provide affordable services all over the state, covering different districts. You can contact Melodia Event Management in Kerala for your dream wedding, with offices mainly in Kochi and Thrissur. Don’t wait; reach out to them today!


Jaspira Wedding Planners


Jaspira Wedding Planner, based in Kochi, is a top choice for both destination and local weddings in Kerala, with 5 years of industry expertise as of 2023. Their commitment to affordable solutions without compromising quality sets them apart. Whether you envision a tranquil local ceremony or an extravagant destination wedding, Jaspira Wedding Planner can bring your dream to life. Operating not only in Kerala but also in neighboring states like Tamil Nadu, they are your reliable partner in curating unforgettable weddings. With a customer-centric approach, they ensure a stress-free and enjoyable planning process, catering to every detail from venue selection to decor and entertainment. Explore their website for inquiries and assistance, and let Jaspira Wedding Planner transform your special day into a cherished celebration.


Royal Events and Wedding Planner


 Royal Events and Wedding Planner, situated near Valiyavila in Thiruvananthapuram, is your go-to for beautiful wedding decorations. With their extensive experience in the business, they know just how to make your wedding venue look fantastic. Offering a variety of decor designs and options, they take care of all the details to ensure that your ceremonies are filled with beauty and style. Their commitment to creating a visually stunning setting sets them apart. If you’re looking for a company to transform your wedding venue into a gorgeous space with stunning decorations, Royal Events and Wedding Planner is the perfect choice. Their dedication and expertise guarantee a picture-perfect setting for your special day.


Unicorn Wedding Planner


Unicorn Wedding Planner is a top wedding planner in Kochi, Kerala. They can make your dream wedding a reality. From colorful tents to beautiful flowers, they’ll deck up the venue just as you imagine. The band will play when the wedding procession arrives, and your lehenga designs will be perfect. Unicorn Wedding Planner has over 10 years of experience, officially starting in 2007. They are one of the most recommended wedding planners in Kochi and Kerala, ensuring excellent services. Just share your ideas, and they’ll take care of the rest while you relax and enjoy some exotic beverages.


Dolphin Events and Wedding Planner


Dolphin Events and Wedding Planner, situated near LFC Road in Kochi, excels in wedding planning and event management. Recognized for their dedication to quality services and client satisfaction, they have established a strong reputation in southern India. Their ability to adapt to changing client needs has made them a well-known name for excellent event management. Operating proudly in some of Kochi’s premier venues, their event planners cater to clients from various backgrounds.


Dolphin Events and Wedding Planner focuses on ensuring your wedding day is stress-free and visually appealing. Their experienced professionals handle everything, from coordinating caterers to decorating cars. With unique qualities that distinguish them as event and party planners, they ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for their clients.


Royals Decorations, Palakkad


Royals Decorations, based in Palakkad, is here to help plan your wedding. Weddings are special and joyous occasions, but planning them can be time-consuming. Royals Decorations understands this and wants to make sure every detail is carefully organized so you can fully enjoy your celebrations. They offer services from the planning stage to the execution of each wedding event. With their experience, they have organized beautiful weddings in and outside the city, winning the hearts of their clients with quality services. If you want your wedding to be just the way you’ve always wanted, Royals Decorations is here for you.


Icecube Wedding Planners in Kochi


Icecube Wedding Planners, in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, is a team of experts who plan weddings. Planning a wedding has lots of details, and it’s okay if you’re not great at everything. That’s where this team helps. They’re good at planning weddings, and they really like designing and organising. They want to make weddings big and fun, turning dreams into real things. Whether you want a cool or traditional wedding, they can make it happen. Icecube Wedding Planners is known as the best in Kochi and can also help with weddings in other places. They use their skills and knowledge to make your dream wedding come true.


Big Way Events & Weddings


Big Way Events & Weddings, based in Kochi, helps plan weddings. Indian weddings are known for their grand celebrations filled with festive and vibrant elements. They are unique and beautiful celebrations in the lives of the bride and groom. If you need someone to plan each function of your wedding wonderfully, your search can end here.


The team at Big Way Events & Weddings is there with you every step of the way. From sharing your visions to successfully executing all your wedding functions, they make sure your wedding is one of a kind and the grandest celebration of your life. Every detail, even the smallest one, will be planned just the way you always wanted your big day to be.


Big Way Events & Weddings,


Big Way Events & Weddings, located in Kochi, is your helpful friend for planning weddings. Kerala weddings are famous for big parties that are full of joyful and colorful things that make them really special for the bride and groom. If you need someone to plan each element of your wedding professionally, you’re in the right place.


The team at Big Way Events & Weddings is with you the entire time. From talking about your ideas to making sure each part of your wedding runs flawlessly, they make sure your wedding is not just special but also the biggest celebration of your life. Every little thing, even the smallest ones, is carefully planned and organized to make your big day just like you’ve always envisioned.


10.Heaven Creators


Heaven Creators, based in Thiruvananthapuram, is a well-known wedding planner. They’re great at organizing weddings and making them look beautiful. Every part of the venue is decorated like a bride with fresh flowers and pretty decorations. The team at Heaven Creators is committed to making your special day perfect. They help you design, plan, and organise your event, making sure it reflects your style.


Heaven Creators doesn’t only work in one place; they travel across the country for destinations and local weddings. As a wedding company, they take care of the design and decorations themselves, making sure everything matches your vision and fits your budget.


Q Square Events


Q Square Events plans weddings in Malappuram. Fawaz, the expert behind it, wants your wedding to be perfect. The team works hard to make your day amazing, focusing on your looks and creating a colourful venue with stunning decorations. Whether it’s a small party or a big wedding, they can do it all at fair rates.


 They set up trendy decorations and listen to your ideas. They’re ready to travel for outstation weddings, making it special for you and your loved ones. From pre-wedding to post-wedding functions, they handle everything with energy and ease


Elora Ventures


Elora Ventures, located in lively Thiruvananthapuram, is great at creating unforgettable weddings. Weddings, which start a new journey, are happy occasions full of love. With rich Indian traditions and ceremonies, careful planning is important. Elora Ventures is your go-to team for making things really nice and giving you memorable experiences.


Whether your wedding is in the city or somewhere else, Elora Ventures is ready to go there, making everything go smoothly. The team is dedicated to every detail, from big things to small, showing your unique love story. Trust Elora Ventures to make your ideas real, turning your special day into an amazing celebration, full of joy and good memories.

Jaspira Wedding Planners

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