Lakesong Resort Kumarakom Kottayam


Lakesong Resort Kumarakom Kottayam

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Lakesong Resort Kottayam

Lakesong Resort  Kumarakom Kottayam

Lake Song Resort in Kumarakom is a fantastic spot for weddings, and it’s often considered one of the best venues for destination weddings, especially if you’re looking for an outdoor setting. Situated by the calm Vembanad Kayal, this resort is like a dream come true for couples planning to get married in a beautiful and natural environment.

The resort has everything you need for a wonderful wedding celebration, from charming villas to spacious lawns and inviting poolsides. It’s not just a venue; it’s the ideal destination for couples dreaming of a magical outdoor wedding experience.

Lakesong Resort seamlessly integrates with the lake, creating a unique and charming ambiance. As the sun sets, the expansive lawns and lakeside areas light up, adding to the beauty of this wonderful venue. Opting for a sunset wedding at Lakesong Resort is a popular choice, providing a breathtaking backdrop for couples who wish to renew their promises or have an intimate ceremony.

In essence, Lakesong Resort in Kumarakom isn’t just a good wedding venue—it’s the best destination for couples dreaming of a beautiful and memorable outdoor wedding.

Lakesong Resort is the perfect destination for weddings, especially if the couple wishes to explore Kumarakom’s backwaters. Consider having the wedding ceremony on a houseboat, gently floating on the waters at night, or choose a private dinner by the calm lakeside. Another charming option is a simple ceremony with a flower mandap on the shores of the lake. Lakesong Resort provides an ideal setting for those who prefer a peaceful and intimate wedding experience.

The resort warmly welcomes outside wedding planners, and Jaspira Wedding Planners, with their extensive experience in this delightful venue, can turn your dreams into reality. Booking through Jaspira brings additional offers, enhancing the overall experience. Whether you envision a houseboat wedding, a destination wedding, or want to manage wedding costs, Jaspira, the expert event planners, can bring your vision to life at Lakesong Resort. With them, your wedding becomes a seamless blend of dreamy moments and practical planning, creating memories that last a lifetime.




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Lakesong Resort Kumarakom Kottayam

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