Ktdc Bolgatty Palace And Island Resort


Ktdc Bolgatty Palace And Island Resort

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Ktdc Bolgatty Palace

Ktdc Bolgatty Palace And Island Resort

KTDC Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort, located on Bolgatty Island near Kochi Marine Drive, is a wonderful choice for your wedding. Even though it’s in the city, it provides a calm and romantic setting by the sea. The Bolgatty Event Centre offers stunning views of backwaters, the Cochin seaport, the Vallarpadam container terminal, and the Arabian Sea, making it a versatile venue for various events.

Thinking about weddings at Bolgatty Palace? It’s undoubtedly the best wedding venue in Kochi, offering a dreamy outdoor setting for your big day. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or an outdoor celebration, this venue in the heart of Kochi ensures a memorable experience. Bolgatty Palace, with its rich history, is not just a venue but a modern haven with luxurious rooms for travellers.

In essence, Bolgatty Palace is more than a venue; it’s an experience. Its calm surroundings, adaptability, and historical charm make it the perfect destination for weddings and celebrations in Kochi. If you’re dreaming of a magical wedding that combines nature’s beauty, history, and comfort, Bolgatty Palace is where your dreams come true.

Creating magical moments is what we do best at Jaspira Wedding Planners. We’re experts at organising not just weddings but fantastic celebrations at amazing places. One such special place is the KTDC Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort in Kochi, Kerala, known as the top destination wedding venue.

Imagine your special day decorated with beautiful details by Jaspira Wedding Planners. We add a touch of magic to every part, creating a lovely setting for your celebration. From flowers to lights, everything is carefully planned to make your love story even more beautiful.

With us by your side, Bolgatty Palace transforms into more than just a venue. It becomes a magical space where your dream destination wedding unfolds. Kochi becomes the stage for your love story, with the historic palace and its beautiful surroundings adding a touch of classic beauty.

Choosing the best destination wedding venue is crucial, and Bolgatty Palace is the perfect choice. With Jaspira Wedding Planners assisting, your journey to a joyful marriage starts in a place where dreams come true. Don’t be bothered about wedding costs. Here’s an extra bonus: when you book through Jaspira Wedding Planners, you not only get expert guidance but also enjoy a special discount, making your dream celebration even more affordable. If you’re dreaming of an outdoor wedding with history, nature, and a fantastic wedding event management team, KTDC Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort in Kochi, Kerala, is the ideal destination for your love-filled celebration.


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Ktdc Bolgatty Palace And Island Resort

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